How is it like to study at WHU.

A University that claims to be one of the best universities in Europe when it comes down to business.

“Our academic programs and our training programs for executives offer a suitable training concept at any time during your professional career.”

This is the official definition on the front page of WHU. I would not define it that way or present WHU the way they do it.

Most students no matter where they study  get the question:

How is it Uni?”

or something similar and most students would answer that the teachers are great or the lecture was bad or the exams are too hard.

I never really understood the question and I did not understand the way of response.

It can be just me ( but I know it is not just me hehe) but to me, life at university is not mostly about the professors and the lectures. Because if it would be about that there always be bad and good ones and there will be always a subject that you like and that suits you and others that you do not and not able to do. You have that in any school and in every college. This is not an interesting question and it is not an interesting or creative response.

How is Uni?

University blows my mind.

It is more than special and I feel more than privileged to have the opportunity for that experience.

I’m a very bubbly and open person. But even for me the fact of leaving home and meeting 100% new people was a slightly scary thought. Exciting but scary.

But from the first day on this was taken away from me. I met from the first day amazing people that seem to fit me and my personality in a crazy good way and are now one of my closest friends. Just in four months, I created a bond with a few people that I never believed you could build so quickly.

You go through the craziest things with them that no-one from the outside is able to understand.

Living and studying @WHU is an exceptional experience.

Everyday you are able to attend something different or do something different or join a different group. 4 months straight I woke up with excitement.

Exceptional is also meant in a negative way.

In my first week, the older ones told me. Please enjoy the first two months because there will be a time you are going to hate this place.

I think they are right. WHU is located in a tiny city called Vallendar. Everybody knows everyone. It is seriously like that.

You are not able to walk 100 meters without seeing a familiar face. The courtesy requires that you greet everyone which mostly ends up in a longer conversation. Honestly, I’m a very talkative person too so that might add up to it.

The downside of the fact that everybody knows everyone is that every single one is the biggest “gossip girl” you could possibly get to know and the fun thing is that nearly everybody is interested, believes and cares about that gossip.

In Examination phase ( which is like 3 weeks before the actual exams) everybody stops the excessive partying and it gets really quiet in Vallendar.

Everybody is studying or “burning”.This is what they call it.

To burn it into your head. Sounds Scully and kind of wrong doesn’t it? Ready to forget it directly after the exam is over. No real time to reflect or question what you see or read on the slides. Sometimes I get a little bit upset over the fact that I do not feel like I learn much of deep knowledge.

In this time people hate this place.

People change under this kind of stress. It is very different to school. In school you start one week before the exam studying from time to time and it will be fine( at least that was in my case like that).

Here everybody gets crazy. I think one reason for that is that everybody is able and indirectly wants to compare him or herself with the others.

Always asking how far the other person is. Comparing marks or hearing of someone’s success and someone’s failure. Not only in terms of marks but also who get into a team, initiative,  and who does not or who got accepted to an amazing internship and who doesn’t. Instead of using that tool of being together as an advantage 90 percent learn for themselves. Learning for yourself does not mean not comparing yourself to the others.

In those 3, weeks everything is centered around studying and you simply can not get out of this bubble. It is hard to describe. Many people drive home in that time. I think that is smart.

What is like studying @WHU?


That is ment as a joke around here. The 3 p’S.

But I believe that they are kind of a great representative for what the Uni stands for. For what WHU is looking for and what the thinking of a WHU student is like.

Yeah, I’m saying thinking.

I think that this University can and will change you a lot. It is important to not forget your values and forget your people at home. I know that this sounds so chliché but it is true and most do.

Maybe I sound negative about my university and I could not tell you how wrong you are if you felt like I am.

I love WHU.

I never thought that this would be my thing. Living in a tiny city studying the so-called most boring subject that you could possibly imagine. A subject that is for those who do not really know what to do with themselves. Hmmm..

It always sounds like an insult to me. I do not quite understand that.

I think that there is nothing wrong with not exactly knowing where you will or should be in 10 or even 3 years.

Well. I can only say it is a special time here. I know that it is not for everyone. You have a great feeling of community even tho it can feel fake at some times.

I question a lot of things. But I also can not put into good, round and sense making words how happy I’m that a person like me ended up here.

There are 2 and a half exciting and diverse years to come and I can not wait what they will bring no matter if it is because of crying in terms of  happiness, joy or pressure.

Those three things are really close here I guess.

Best of the best


– Be the change you wanna see in this world –


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