The Glow Up 

Hey peeeepz,

School is nearly over and I can not explain how it feels like…

A few months ago I would have said that I will be sad and confused by the idea of leaving the place that I spent most of my time in.School! Let’s face it: For 12 years I did nothing but school really .. Ok I met friends , did sport and all that but you still went to school from Monday to Friday from 7:55 to 15:55 o’clock and that every week again and again ! So what happens when suddenly that all is over ?

I was thinking that it is a strange feeling not going into this building anymore that was something like home to me in some ways .. ( not math class though)and that you might not even see many friends again .. But the reality for me was totally different to what I expected it to be.

In the last few weeks of school I started to feel this excitement in me mixed with nervousness about this end of an era. Okay I’m exaggerating but you get what I want to say. In our last school week we simply celebrated  ourselves and the 12 years of school finished quiet #legedary!

Whatever this is already over 1 and a half months ago.. How crazy is that? So I said that what I’ve been experiencing the last few months is very different to what I expected them to be like. The difference was that I met even more new people , I did even more with my friends from school and some that I did not do a lot with in school back then  started to hang out with me quiet often.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that people change right now. It seems like a transitioning time where everybody is figuring out themselves..  Not like puberty that happens over years and years but more of a quick transitioning that happens in a few months.. It is very interesting to see what people are planning to do with their lives. Who will leave ? Who will stay ?

Right now we are still in this bubble I always say but when we will have our graduation certificate in our hands on July 2. it’s officially over. But how do I feel about it ?

Honestly,  very excited and inside I’m buzzing because I believe that it will get even better and it will be just something different. Don’t get me wrong .. I was one of those students who really  enjoyed going to school ! But I’am also so curious what else is out there. I mean: Places, people,opinions, education, food and just everything that I’ve never seen , heard or experienced before.

So why is this the Glow Up ?

Well, I believe that the Glow Up does not only mean the sudden development of physical beauty but also the development of skills, thinking and social relations!

In the last 2 months I grew up. That sounds so lame because it’s like a chliche phrase but I can not name it any different because this is what happened.

I became even more independent ( I mean I’m still very dependent on my parents when you see from the financial aspect alone ) but in the way that you have to take control and responsibility for you life now 100%. No one is going to be able to choose for you what you want to do after school because only you truly know !

And if you don’t know this is also how you feel right now. Am I making sense ?

I’m not only very focused on what my goals are ( and knowing what those are really helps ) but I also feel very confident about myself and my social environment. And I believe because of my social environment I’m feeling so confident  about myself.. It’s a circle.

Feeling good about myself means that I feel pretty, valued, important , respected and accepted ( not in an arrogant way ). This can not be taken for granted because I’m quiet a weird person sometimes! So this is the Glow Up or less a GLow Up and more a moment of appreciation for everything right now and what’s on the horizon.

One tip to all the people that are in the same phase: Relax ! It seriously helps trust me 😉
Love , Anna


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