It has been quiet a while and I can not make up the excuse that it is because of school or any other ” educational reasons ”. I don’t know ..My head just been quiet confused the last few weeks.  But I’m back  with so many thoughts,  so many pictures and stories to share!

Lets kick that “restart” of with a recipe that I could seriously cover myself in. The breakfast bowl. This might look super crazy but in fact it only takes me like 5 minutes to make it look like that..

Lets start with ( for one)

  •  3 bananas ( ripe)
  • One packet frozen berries of your choice ( 200g)
  • Brown sugar or syrup
  • 5 dates
  • Coconut Flakes
  • Berries as a topping
  • Oat crumbles
  • Nuts/seeds like chia


  1. Blend 2 bananas, frozen berries and some sugar/syrup and put the ice cream like paste into a bowl
  2. Top the bowl with your toppings: berries,banana,dates,sugar,coconutflakes and seeds


Try it is seriously addicting 🔮

Love, Anna