An Image.

This is a picture of me taken for my Snapchat. The people I sent it to could only see this for 3 seconds. And how long did I need taking it? Definitely longer than 3 seconds. I have to admit that I post videos and pictures all the time. Is that because I wanna show off? Because I think that I’m so cool/that my life/my friends are so cool that I share all that? I think that is not true.. I love sharing but I hate the like and comment ratio that you have for example on Instagram. I enjoy watching other peoples feed and see what they are doing. How they travel to all kind of tropical places, doing Yoga at the Beach, Sunset and sunrises, beautiful food, flawless hair and Make-Up, puppies and expensive holiday mansions. I do not think that this is wrong or those people do not show they ”real” lives. That in reality they are miserable. That is possible but I mostly think that people say that so they can feel better about themselves. “She must be miserable because otherwise she/he would be to perfect”. The only thing you can do is saying that they only show their “highlights”. That they only share funny,pretty and hot pictures or videos. That is high likely true but why is that bad? Would you only highlight your downfalls so you look more “normal ” more “human”. Another point is that some people have that life.  There are 18 years old girls, living in LA drinking fancy 10$ smoothies while doing a photo shoot for a magazine cover. I came to the realization that there is nothing wrong about that. You can take those pictures as an inspiration but not in the way ” I want her life = My life sucks”.  I used to loose myself in scrolling for hours threw other peoples feed their “life’s”. I realized that this did not make happy! Furthermore: What are you doing in that moment, scrolling?Nothing. You could do so much more with your life and If you want to achieve something like this pictures than DO something.. I dont know, run outside, play with your dog, cook for your friends and family, write or draw what is going on in your head, try out a new hairstyle, connect with someone new every week, start a project, read a book, listen and dance to music, give someone a nice compliment, workout, do your homework, think about what you wanna to after school and what you have to do to achieve that, tidy up your room, book spontaneously a 20$ flight to a different place/country, apply for a job/university, quit your job or university and do what you really wanna do, start a new hobby, have a shower, take pictures of yourself/others or nature, watch documentaries about exciting topics and educate yourself about the world! There are SO many things that you can actually do everyday.  It is so hard to explain for and that my I’m rambling a bit but BALANCE is key in that point. Set 10 minutes a day to inspire yourself( if its food,quotes,makeup,hair,funny stuff, interior, places to travel to whatever) and see what your friends are up to and then close the app and do something productive. It’s funny that I say that because I use Snapchat daily to capture everything that might be somewhat interesting/ or not sooo interesting.

So what is my message here?

I think my point is that even on a platform like snapchat you present yourself in the way you want to. That is difficult and amazing at the same time.  Amazing for me for example because I love seeing what others are up to, its a great way to share what you are doing or even communicate with people ( that are mostly your good friends). My dad loves getting pictures of me with my friends or videos where I do whatever what. On the other hand difficult because especially on Instagram many people get upset that their life is not that fancy or adventurous as the life of the others. I guess the only medicine against it is realizing that your life is pretty cool too and that you are fortunate to lay in your bed, holding your Iphone 6s and scrolling threw Instagram. Plus: An image is only what is says: An Image!

Love, Anna xx

But if you still want to see what I’m up to you can -> SNAP:  anna_daftari



7 thoughts on “AN IMAGE

  1. I totally agree with you Anna! Love your post, balance is key! ❤ Since I'm being more aware of how I'm using social media and all the issues that come with it, I feel much better and I use social media, not the other way around! have a great day xx

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