Here we are. It is that time of the year where we all go through our bags of memories, setting down new goals for the year thats to come. It is a fact : time flies unbelievably quickly and looking back at everything that has happened, I cannot believe we are headed towards 2016 already. ”

Kristina Bazan wrote this in her latest post and it described exactly how i felt .. Your first thought is: Oh well… not soooo much has happened in 2015 but the more I thought about it I realized that 2015 was a really special year for me where so many things happened and so many things changed in my life!

In 2015 I traveled with friends and family all over the globe:America, Canada, London, Dubai, Paris and Austria. All those new impressions and experiences did help me  with what I want to do with my life. All those tiny little moments:being  in Boston and walking threw the streets all by myself, sitting on a rooftop and looking at the skyline of Montreal with friends of my brother, seeing a fashion show,dancing to oriental music in Dubai, laughing with my friends in London till our ribs get tough, singing with my friend Laura on the Champs Elysees, having night talks in the car with  Leo, throwing a huge house party for my 17th. birthday  and so so so much more…

This might sound like random things that just came to my mind and they did! 2015 was a year where I realized that they are actually more than half a handful of people that I appreciate so much in their existence. There are no words for that…

If I had to choose a word for 2015 it would be: Happy ! 2015 was a hapy year especially the second half of it just flew by and left nothing but positive emotions. And this is a good thing isn’t it ?

Anyways they are a few more things that I would call an accomplishment in 2015. In August 2015 I restarted my blog again and decided to go 100% Vegan from that day on ! I never really talk about that topic a lot but i guess you could tell from my recipes which were all plant-based. For me it was the right choice to become vegan because I feel that I have even more energy to workout, study, think and just be an active and not a passive ( means just sitting in front of soical media,tv or laptop doing nothing..) human being.

My passion for writing, taking pictures, sports,talking about topics that are more than just blabla, cooking, drawing little things for myself, making peope happy with little presents or actions and actually doing something with my life ( if that is a passion) became very strong threw out this year.

The aspect: What do I wanna do with my life? Is a very present topic for me. There are only 3 months left and then 12 years of school are over. It’s sad but on the other hand I already feel the excitement of not knowing whats to come, of all the surprises and the new people i will meet, new environment, new topics, new point of views and also a new you!  Jumping into a black hole is scary but its not unlikely if you are curios enough you will find something pretty exciting in it. What a great metaphor! When I was in Austria I talked with my brother and friends of us in our age about that topic and it felt so good to talk with people who actually have quiet similar plans to yours and exchange ideas and plans. I’m not able to do that as much at home because none of my friends at home is seriously interested in doing what I maybe wanna do after school. What I actually wanna say is that this brought clarity to my mind or at least more clarity..

School. Well to keep it short I’m very happy with how I do in school and I think my future plans will not be ruined with my performance in school. I like school!

Great News: I got my drivers license in December which was amazing. This was the one thing I seriously thought somehow: Anna you will fail! Something will go wrong! Well everything went well and I’m happy that I hopefully will never have to do it again..

Skin: This is just something I wanna talk about quickly ! My skin became quiet ” bad”in September  compared to the skin I normally have. I was so frustrated because I’m a person that does everything to look good! That might sound superficial but this is just how I am. The fact that my skin was not representing the “effort” I put into it was hard to accept for me. Looking back with great skin again ( luckily) this time made me so humble. Some might be saying “Anna it’s just skin” but for me it was not. I had to learn that its okay to have a few pimples and that this does not make me any different. This might be obvious to some people but I had to learn that.

2015 also was the year of awareness. I turned vegan for health. That means that I believe it can be the healthiest diet when you do it right! With that quiet ignorant reason of turning vegan came the other aspects that were ethical and environmental. What I mean with awareness is that I question things a lot more.I ask myself or others : Why is that so? Why to we accept that? Is this how things should be ? and with those questions you also ask yourself: What can I and others do to change it ?

After all this ” deep talk ” I just want to present you guys which books, people and brands excited and inspired me the most this year. I think they are great and make a positive change in this world!( research it/them if you are curious):

  • Jack Ma (
  • Essena O’neill/Bonny Rebecca
  • Kristina Bazan
  • Steve Jobs
  • All people with free spirits who are ” reaching for the stars”
  • Lush
  • Brandy Melville
  • Muji
  • American Apparel
  • local markets and organic food shops
  • Silicon Valley by Christoph Keese
  • Inside IS  Jürgen Todenhöfer
  • Carbolicous
  • The Starch Solution

My new Years resolution ? None!

Love, Anna xx















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