Bonjour from Paris,

As always, Paris takes my breath away and I could just watch people for hours walking along the  Avenue des Champs-Élysées where me and my friend Laura stayed for a weekend actually last week.

I am simply in love with these charming streets full of stories, the little brasseries full of colors. Even Parisian has its charm. Its part of the whole package. You take it all… or you leave! Directly when we arrived it felt like home to me and weather was always like a cool summer day and this in the middle of November WHAT?

The charm of the streets, the food, the ambiance, every single aspect of it is so inspiring and uplifting to me. Furthermore it’s just nice to take a small break from all the things that are going on at home. What I really loved was the Christmas decoration in the whole city so at night you felt like Christmas was right around the corner ( and it is)!

I was first thinking about not putting this into the article but I find it real important to let you know and sometimes talk about things that are not all amazing or beautiful. On the evening of 13 November 2015, a series of mass shootings and suicide bombings occurred in Paris and Saint-Denis, France.  The Islamic State released a statement claiming responsibility for the attacks on Saturday and threaten s further attacks against France and other countries. I’m shocked and at the same time angry about how cruel humans can be and that things like this happen! I know everyday horrible things happen and people die because of hunger, cruelty and killing but events like this truly open your eyes about the realness of those things. People ( and sometimes myself included) believe that we are not affected! We believe that this can not happen to us and all of this horror is far away. The truth is it’s not! I’m not a politician and I’m also not a grown adult that can debate with a knowledge of thousands of facts about topics like this but I know when there is something happening that is  injustice and wrong.

Please Pray for Paris and for all the people that lost someone in a war unfair, injustice and inhuman.

Love, Anna

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