Hey Guys,

These last couple of days can be symbolized by one single word : Craziness. First of all I had my big birthday Party which was amazing and 2 days after I went with the half of my year to London for a week ( I will post about this shortly). Coming back we had a party organized by our year in a club and on the next day I went to Dubai with my mum for a week.

So Dubai is very different to everything I’ve ever seen and I mean this in both ways. The thing that I loved about Dubai were the boat trips over the river with a tiny raft, the old souqs in the Dubai Mall, the desert and the diversity and creativity of the city. The thing about the creativity is just they have all those insane and amazing ideas like the Palm, the World and so much more which sounds so beautiful and artistic. The downside is that everywhere you look there are building sites. It seems like they are having this dream of an futuristic wonderland but it does not really work.

My favorite thing was the Oriental Safari Tour we did on Thursday. We drove with 4 others in a Jeep into the desert. 60 other cars filled with people also drove other the dunes with felt like a real roller coaster and then we arrived at the camp.

The sun went down and disappeared behind the surveys of the Sand. The camp was decorated in the style of the orient  with big carpets, colorful pillows everywhere and the night enlightened by candles. The dinner was claimed as a barbecue but i had no problems finding a lot of things at the buffet that I could eat.  I had Naan bread with Hummus, Turkish salads, rice, beans like kidney beans, chickpeas, Dahl, roasted potato and it all tasted really good. The whole atmosphere was super relaxing with over 400 people from all countries sitting on the floor, eating and watching an Indian women do belly dance and having henna painted over your hands, wrists and body.

Enjoy and get taken away by your spiritual side!

Love, Anna

My whole Outfit is by Brandy Melville only the shoes are from nike





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