Nice Cream.


Hey Loves,

right now it it is quiet warm in Germany so I made some Banana Ice cream also called Nice cream 🙂 The great thing about is that it is super filling, healthy and you an do anything you want with it from peanut butter cookie dough Ice cream to simple Lemon Ice cream. It is crazy how the Banana Ice Cream has the exact same texture like “real” ice cream and to me it taste even more delicious!

So Lets do this! All you need ( for 2 persons):

  • 4/6 frozen Bananas ( cut them the night before in pieces and freeze them)
  •  Almond Milk ( about 200 ml)
  • Any topping you like I added strawberries, oats and sugar cane but you can also add: Cookie crumble, Oreo s, Peaches, apple, more frozen banana, cinnamon, peanut butter, Nutella and much more !!

The 2 Steps:

1.Blend your frozen bananas with the almond milk in the blender until it has the texture of ice cream.

2. Put your ice cream in a bowl and add any topping you like!

Done! Homemade healthy ice cream in a bowl.

Tell me If you liked it and if you want to know the recipe of the couscous salad in the picture!




Love, Anna

All pictures are taken by myself!


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