Hello Loves,

today is all about saving your money and to not waste it on things that simply not work.

So lets start with the most famous one:



So this is a product that got a lot of attention the last couple of years. It claims to minimize the appearance of pores and stop you from looking oily. When you apply the product it feels like silicon on your skin. It meant to fill up your pores with an ingredients so your face looks much more even. I can only talk from my experience but this product did not work for me! It does feel nice on your face when you apply it but after an hour or two you will be more oily you’ve ever been. It does work for a short while but longterm.Defiantly not worth buying for 35 euro.



As you can read from the title this Powder by MAC is supposed to make your skin look flawless no matter what skin which skin color you have( transparent). My experience was that it is a normal powder and does not make your skin look better than other powders would. Of course it has got a nice packaging in black/silver but for 25 euros it makes no sense to buy it.



I know that there is a big hype about this cream. It supposed brighten up your face and make it look alive and give it that glow. Origins is the natural brand of Estée Lauder. So most of the ingredients are the same but Origins uses no chemicals in their products. I was not impressed with that product after applying my face did not look as good and nourished as it usually does after moisturizing. Prize 35 euro in full size.


The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is supposed to give your face moisture for over 24 hours. It meant to protect your skin from all weather conditions and hydrate your face with Extracts of Glacial Glycoprotein and Desert Plants. I was not totally disappointed about this product because I think it is a good moisturizer but first of all it does not make your skin look very nice and for this price you can find a lot of better alternatives.

I hope that helped you out. Leave a comment if you have any products you regret buying!

Love, Anna

All pictures are taken by myself.


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