Hello Guys,

today we will talk about a more serious topic that I thought about the last week a lot. Who are your real Friends and what is a real friend like?

Most people (myself included) surround themselves with a bunch of people but from all those faces only a couple turn out to be true friends! But what is a true friend, a real friend?

I believe that there is not such a thing like a “true” or a “real” friend because If the people that you surround yourself with are not good to you or do not support you, you better run away quick because those people are not your friends.

We tend to stick even to those people who talk behind your back and are simply not good for us but there is a point where it makes no more sense to hold on to something that does not exist. I’m lucky enough to have a handful of people I can trust and I love and I know they feel the same about me. Real friends are happy for you if you did something great and they are not jealous of your success.

It might sound stupid and you might have heard that a lot but your real friends will not want to change you as a person. They will not want you to be any different and they will tell If you are heading into the wrong direction.

Friendship is give and take. So when you have the feeling you are the only person of you two that puts any effort into your relationship.Then let them go! If you feel that they are not happy for you being happy.Let them go! If they have no drive and drag you down. Let them go!

I know it might sound a little hard but please do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time with people that make you unhappy with talking bullshit behind other peoples back just because they are not in peace with themselves and can not figure out there own life’s.

So what are you still doing here? Go outside and spent some prime time wit your friends!

Love, Anna

Write in the comments what is a real friend for you is and how you liked it.


All pictures are taken by myself.


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