This is one of my favorite breakfasts for a few weeks now and  it is just so simple and easy that it would be a shame not to share it with you guys!

This recipes is for one person but If you can not eat that much you can share it with someone.

All you need is:

4x apples

Any kind of berries. I got raspberries for this one!

4x spoons of soy yogurt

50 grams of oats

cinnamon or sugar cane ( as much as you prefer)


So all you have to do know is to peel the apples and put them into a large bowl than add the yogurt, oats and your spices and mix it all together. This is for people who do not really like the taste of oatmeal and prefer a fruity breakfast.  Now you have 2 options. The first is to put it in the microwave for 1,5 minutes at 800w or leave it like that ( I like that for summer) and then add your berries in the end. If you did the hot options and you add the berries the flavor of berries will really soak into your apple-Oat bowl.

I hope you liked it. I know it is super simple but sometimes the simplest things are the best!

Why it is Vegan? Leave a comment when you are interested.

Love, Anna

All pictures are taken by myself


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