dfsdf Don’t we all want to have that perfect skin with no imperfections at all? Well I will tell you today how to achieve that goal! First of all I will tell you my ” Skin Story”. Sadly I have no photos of the before but imagine typical teenage skin. With 13 years old I had luckily no crazy acne but many pimples and my skin seemed very irritated. Using no real skin care and just some random drugstore products did not help to improve that. Because it was bothering me so much I decided to go to the Dermatologist. image2 This is already my #1 Tip: GO TO THE DERMATOLOGIST  There is that funny misconception that only go to the dermatologist if you have the worst acne ever. This is not true. Even if you are just a little unhappy about your skin because you’ve got a few pimples you can make an appointment at the doctor and he will definitely  will give you something that helps you! WHY wasting your time and money on expensive high end or drugstore products If you can see  a doctor who knows exactly whats good for you and whats not! This cleared up my skin perfectly but after I went for half a year to Australia my skin got so bad from all the sun and just the different climate. So I came back with “bad” ( for me bad) skin and went directly to my dermatologist who gave that “MAGIC OINTMENT”. I call it that way because it seriously works wonders for me. After 1 week my skin was amazing. After just one week! sdfdgsf This is the ointment I use now for over 1 and a half years and I still love it! Tip#2 CLEANSING; TONING AND  SCRUBBING  So I will keep this short because I think everybody already knows this part. It is so important to cleanse your face properly every morning and every night before you go to bed!

What some people tend to forget is to tone. Using Toner is so important because  toning your face restores the balance in your skin. Face scrubs: Please never scrub your face when you’re having any sort of blemishes. This will not make your pimples go away its going to make it even worse. Why? Because if you’re scrubbing your face you spread all the bacteria from your pimples all over your face. The result: Even more pimples. If you have very good skin a scrub is just a perfect addition to your skincare routine because the scrub will get rid of all the dead skin cells but if you do not have that baby face already please don’t! image8 Tip #3 DRINK AS MUCH WATER AS YOU CAN! AND EXERCISE SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK! This will flush out all the toxins out of your body. Furthermore you promote blood circulation which is just amazing to help regenerate your skin cells! Tip #4 GOOD NUTRITION ( LOW FAT & LOW SALT) I think this is pretty obvious. What you put in to your inside will show on the outside. Nothing is easier than that! Just eat well balanced and mostly plant based foods like fruits, vegetables, beans&rice and all this sort of stuff. Fat will clog your pores so try to minimize the amount of fat you put into your body. The best way to do that is to keep away from the high fat foods like cheese, eggs, milk, meat and all that kind of stuff. Eating not a lot of food which contains salt is just simply a little beauty tip because it will make your whole body and especially your face look a lot slimmer and healthier. Salt binds water so you carry around with you a lot of access water weight. Last but not least I will be honest with you. I can not say that those tips will  get rid of every single pimple on your face  but if you do all those things you will notice a huge difference in your skin.

After my skin transformation
After my skin transformation

And remember you are beautiful anyway. A smile is the most beautiful thing you could possibly wear! image9 Love, Anna All pictures are taken by myself. Leave a comment if you liked it and if you want to know my whole skin care routine!


4 thoughts on “FLAWLESS SKIN.

  1. Sadly that Duac stuff gives me the worst skin irritation, but it does word to dry the blemishes. So for me, I would be blemishe free but with a red flaky face 😛 I use one my dermatologist gave me that only has erythromycin in it.

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