Hey loves. As you might have noticed I travel a lot and there is something I noticed during my journey! I’m so blessed being able to travel so much in my life and just see all those different amazing places. We take so much for granted but it’s just not. When you go to school like me you always get told about all those different countries, their culture, their religion or their political system but you never can understand truly what it means until you’ve been their. That there are people out there that aren’t as lucky and who can’t experience this is crazy. Only a small number of people can do this but we seem to think that it is the norm because of the media that tells you that everybody is doing it. Keep that in mind.


Our next stop was Quebec City and after woods Montreal. The first thing that comes to your mind  when you think about  Canada are pancakes, winter,Maple Syrup and those weird fries with cheesy sauce and butter on the top!


Most of it is true. Canadians do eat funny ( and mostly unhealthy) food but it is part of their culture so who am I to judge?


Old Quebec city is like a small Paris. Tiny streets with street artist and a tonnes of art galleries. If you would want to find some creative inspiration this is the place for you to go! And if you are food lover Quebec is not a bad recommendation at all. You will find everything from classic French cuisine to the next Thai express.




After we stayed for 2 days in Quebec we drove to Montreal.


Montreal is very special to me because it is young and so multicultural . Unlike to many other big  cities in the states Montreal had a young powerful vibe to it ( I can not put it into words properly). Why I think that? Because there is such a big scene of young kids and students that make Montreal vibrant and diverse. I noticed that a lot from the fast growing vegan scene in Montreal. As we all know the trend of living a healthy lifestyle becomes more and more popular and so it seems to be in Montreal.They is such a large selection of vegan restaurants that it is hard to choose from. Some people say it is the McGill University that attracts so many smart young people but I honestly do not think that one famous University is responsible for the dynamic of a city.


When we were in Montreal there was the festival week. For some you needed to pay money for but others were for free. It was amazing how it seemed like Montreal turned for one week into city of music.


We stayed at the lovely hotel Le Germain that i can definitely highly recommend. It is a very modern hotel but has a wonderful warm atmosphere to it and the staff always loves to help or give you dinner



That was it from myself today.

Love, Anna

All pictures are taken by myself. Leave a comment when you liked it.



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