fgefw Hey babes.

Before I will talk about how I met Hillary Clinton in the outback I wanna talk real wuick about my experience in Camden. It’s funny how I seemed to dislike the countryside so much. It is not about the nature itself it is more about the accommodation that you mostly have in such places in America. I honestly do not like that old fashioned carpets and curtains rooms that are stuffed with furniture and decoration. To my surprise after 6 days of living in the country I feel  very different about it now.

Camden Lunch
Camden Lunch

We spent our first 3 days in Camden that claims to be one the most beautiful places in the world. It is clearly a lovely town. You have the feeling of going back in time but still being able to eat peanut butter coco dough cookie vegan ice cream at a local glacier. The people are so nice and caring about you like the lady of our hotel. We stayed at the Camden Inn and I can definitely  recommend this place even if you stay for a longer time. The rooms are big and full of windows so it is very airy and nice. sdfswfswfw IMG_8285 Having a dinner after the sun went down is a must for sure. What i recognized  when we went to Whitefield in New Hampshire too was that there something unbelievable relaxing about spending time in the nature. I think it is about leaving all this stress and speed that you have and gotta have in those big cities behind so it  is taken from your chest and you can breath free. ffffwfwfwfw Every morning I got up and went jogging for about an hour in the mountains. I think everybody knows that great feeling after working out. After woods we bought fresh fruit, bread, oats and yogurt from the supermarket and went to our secret spot directly next to the lake. There was a little bank so we could have an amazing picnic with this outrageous view. Then going hiking or play golf. We lived the Good Life.  IMG_8277 fwfw fw fwf What I learned was that there are moments in life where you shouldn’t rush. There are moments that you have to inhale and appreciate so you are able to see the beauty of it. wfwfwfwfw

So know I will tell you about my experience meeting Hillary Clinton randomly on the street.


When we left Camden and drove to Whitefield we got stuck in traffic in a small village. Even after 20 minutes our car had not moved a bit. Me and my dad decided to get out of the car and look what was going on. When we arrived we saw people holding up shields in blue that said Hillary on it. We realized that this must be a little “Hillary Clinton goes for President Campaign”.

Suddenly a small women in red came out of the crowd.She was surrounded by many people mostly camera mans, interviewers and their bodyguards. I was walking right next to her while she was talking to a little boy next to her. She looked a lot older than on TV but that did not minimize the amount of authority she had.

She was very nice and polite and took time for the people that lived in that village to shake their hands and exchange a few words. The people were so excited for having her and it was so surreal for me to see the next potential President of the United States.

Love, Anna

All Pictures are taken by myself.



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