Our next destination of our journey was Boston. To my surprise Boston is so beautiful  and charming. You can imagine it like a more country style, clean and little less busy New York! I loved it.

Pret a manger is perfect a delicious cheap snack!
Pret a manger is perfect a delicious cheap snack!

We  stayed at the Ames Hotel which is luckily directly in the center of the City and only a minute away from the famous Faneuil Hall Market Place.


The Market Place is an adventure in itself. There are street artist doing magic tricks, playing music or dancing and if you are a food lover this is the perfect place for you to go. You can have at the little food stands Indian, Thai, Irish, Japanese, Jewish, mexican, Vegan, american, french and so much more different types of food.



So now we will talk about Harvard. Harvard is in a small town next to Boston called Cambridge. Honestly, we did not have the time to discover all of Cambridge but it is very interesting, charming, and historic town. We did a tour guided by a student of Harvard University. Her name was Laura and she studied English. For 1 hour Laura showed us the campus of Harvard and told us everything of the History and the things are today.


This was already so interesting in itself because its amazing if you think about what sort of people studied at Harvard like John Adams, Al Gore, Bill Gates,Matt Damon, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and so many  more. In the end when everyone was gone I was able to ask a few questions about how is like studying at Harvard? Is it truly worth he hype? What about the money? How did you got in and what is the so called ” Harvard spirit”. She told me that it is amazing for her to study at a University like this but she can not say if it is the best because she has no others to compare it to. She said that she applied for several different Universities but never expected to be accepted  to Harvard. ” So you can see it’s so worth it to try even when you think you are not good enough”. Of course there needs to be something special about but marks are not everything. Emily told me about she was good (not amazing) in school but was one the best students in the special test of Harvard. ” Some have special talents. This does not have to be that there a the best football players or piano player there just have to have passion for something. This is also what makes the Harvard spirit. The people that study here have a vision, a dream and with there strong passion mine is for example writing Harvard is seeing that passion and will support you”. When I asked her about the money I mean one Year Harvard costs you about 50 thousand dollars she smiled and said ” luckily I did not payed a cent for studying since I’m here”. She tells me about that a lot students at Harvard are financed by the University. I thanked her for giving me that information and she responded ” You’re welcome” and that I should give it shot too.


So try it. Give it a shot! Maybe you do not know it yet but you are potentially the next Mark Zuckerberg. 

Love, Anna


Ames Hotel



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