Vegan Spinach Crepes.

Spinach CrepesFoto

Those Crepes are sent from heaven! I mean from now on I can eat as much Crepes as I want without feeling any guilt because they are so low in calories & super healthy!

For 8 delicious Crepes you need:

100g wholemeal  flour

230 ml  Almond milk

8tsp organic cane sugar

2 tsp salt

10g liquid magarine

3 big eggs ( to cut down calories use 2 eggwhites and 1 whole egg)


You can add anything you want! I added some selfmade apple puree on top and it tasted awesome.

Mix all the ingredients together and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Than put into a non sticky pan …. an then yes there you go! It will turn out as a Crepes!



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